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Interact Support Practitioner – Breanna Catania

In addition to working with Interact Support Breanna has her own professional practice providing Family Dispute Resolution (Family Law Mediation) services.

The majority of Interact Support services are provided via phone or video meetings so If you would like face to face services you can contact Breanna directly at:

Business Name: Lotus Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution

Business Address: Level 1, 100 Havelock Street, West Perth, WA 6005

Phone: 08 6160 6008


Breanna has previously practised as a family lawyer working at one of Perth’s top family law firms.

She completed her post-graduate Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution to focus on Family Dispute Resolution mediation to help empower clients to make their own informed decisions when reaching property settlements and making parenting arrangements.

Breanna prides herself on her expeditious and practical approach to assisting families resolve their disputes.


Breanna has a full understanding of the legal requirements for family law issues in Western Australia as well as under the Family Courts in the rest of Australia.

While she can’t provide specific individual legal advice in her role as a family dispute resolution Practitioner she is able to highlight areas of concern and encourage clients to seek specific legal advice, to prepare questions to ask their lawyers and assist in writing up detailed agreements ready to be made into consent orders.

  •  Registered As a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner with the Attorney General’s Department, Canberra
  • National Accredited Mediator (NMAS)
  • Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution

Breanna has experience in assisting parents with parenting agreements as well as property settlements.

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