Australian Femicide and Child Death Map

Australian Femicide and Child Death Map

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Tragic as it it the Australian Femicide and Child Death Map brings home the fact that family violence and child neglect can and does escalate to have fatal consequences for too many women and children in Australia.

This is not a family violence map although a significant number of these deaths were caused by someone in the victims family.

The map is a memorial to women and children who have lost their lives to ALL forms of violence or neglect regardless of the perpetrator gender or relationship to the victim.


  • It is not our intention to exclude the men who have also lost their lives due to violence.

Likewise this map does not represent the loss due to suicide which is another significant cause of loss of life in Australia that can often be attributed to the longer term consequences of abuse and despair.

Regardless is it a valuable project which reminds us of the terrible cost that people around the country have paid due to violence and neglect.

Helping Peace

We know that there are a lot of different reasons why people kill other people.

Our mission is to help prevent any more deaths due to family violence. We are working on this goal in a number of ways:

  • by providing services to help people who are in dispute to resolve their issues before they escalate into conflict and violence.
  • by helping people to learn how to manage their emotions and moderate their behaviour so that they do not harm and abuse others
  • by helping people who are experiencing conflict to access the support services they need
  • by helping those who are living with family violence to recognise that they may be living on borrowed time. 

If your life is being threatened, if you are being abused, if you are aware of a child that is not being properly cared for there is a genuine risk that needs to be taken seriously.

Too many of the stories on this map identify that the victims knew that their lives were in danger but they felt powerless to do anything about it.

It is a myth that it is safer to stay with someone who is threatening you than to get help to be safer.

It is true that separation is a time of increased risk of family violence.

What that means is that if you are thinking of leaving a toxic relationship your risk level increases. It is very wise to speak to a professional and develop a safety plan.

Much like you need to think in advance what to do if it is a high fire risk day if you live in a fire zone. It is too late when you are in danger to work out your escape route and put preventative measures in place.

Get in touch if you can safely speak with someone about safety planning or anything else to do with family violence or family separation issues.

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What is safety planning?

When done well it is an empowering process for people who are living in a situation where there is a known risk of violence.

Don't live in fear

If you have been threatened, choked, physically attacked, prevented from leaving or experienced other behaviour that has caused you to be frightened pretending that it is going to be OK isn't safe for you and it isn't safe for your children.
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