Anger Management

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Self-paced online Anger Management course

Do you have a problem with your emotions and anger management?

You already know that Anger is a powerful emotion.

Do you know how to control that emotion or does it get out of your control causing you to lash out?

Perhaps you try so hard to control your anger that you won’t even acknowledge it. That causes you to put up with things that shouldn’t be tolerated.

Anger isn’t the problem, problem behaviour is the problem.

Anger is an emotion that gets a bad reputation because without control it can lead to explosive outbursts of abuse or aggression. That isn’t acceptable in our society and lashing out at others will lead to trouble. 

If you let your anger get out of control you can cause harm to yourself and others. 

Do you have a problem with Anger Management?

Answer these three questions to find out.

  • Do you find yourself feeling angry or frustrated a lot of the time?
  • Does your anger get out of control and you say and do things that you didn’t intend to but felt like you couldn’t stop yourself?
  • Do you fear expressing your anger and hold it in or pretend that nothing is wrong, even when it means that problems don’t get discussed or resolved over a long period of time?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you may have a problem with anger.

Too much or too little control over your emotions is likely to be a problem for you.

Is controlling your emotions at the moment something that seems just too hard?

If you are going through a relationship breakup you will be feeling strong emotions.

It’s really common at times of stress and change but if you feel out of control of your own emotions you may have a problem that we can help with.

Click on the chart and think about the types of emotions you have been feeling lately. Are they presenting a problem for you?

If you can print it and do an audit over a week.

Colour in the emotions that you have felt each day and see how your week has been.

Emotionally unbalanced?

Our emotions are our unconscious guidance system. That’s why there are more “negative” and less positive emotions on the chart. They are designed to get our attention so that we can respond and get back to the good stuff.

There is help available if you are caught up in the sadness to fearful emotional range.

Talking to your doctor about a mental health plan is a good place to start and doing some self-study into understanding your emotions especially ones that can be explosive like Anger.

Anger Management

Interact Support has an Anger Management course available  as a self-paced online course.

Find out more – Anger Management Course

The course is available as a self-paced online learning course. It is not sexist. We know that everyone can have a problem with managing their emotions.

Self-Paced Online Learning

The course takes you through an understanding of what anger is, how to control it when your anger is triggered and most importantly how to solve the problems that you are facing in a collaborative and non-violent way.

Self-paced online Anger Management course

  • What is anger?
  • Measuring your anger
  • The FITTED Survey
  • The Anger cycle
  • Fight or Flight
  • 5 Myths about Anger 
  • Review Questions
  • Unhelpful ways of dealing with anger
  • A model for control over anger
  • Interrupting the anger cycle
  • Using coping thoughts
  • Using relaxation techniques
  • Blowing off steam
  • Review Questions
  • Understanding hot buttons
  • Identifying your hot buttons
  • Dealing with ANTs
  • Personal Anger Log
  • Review Questions
  • Choosing your response
  • Avoid
  • Accept
  • Alter
  • Review Questions
  • Separating the people from the problem
  • Non-confrontational language
  • Identifying the problem
  • 5 Whys
  • Using “I” messages
  • Review Questions
  • Using constructive disagreement
  • Negotiation Tips
  • Building consensus
  • Identifying solutions
  • Working on solutions
  • Review Questions
  • Choosing a solution
  • Making a plan
  • Getting it done
  • Review Questions
  • Dealing with angry people
  • The energy curve
  • De-escalation techniques
  • When to back away and what to do next
  • Review Questions
  • Process overview
  • Putting it into action
  • Review Questions
  • How far have you come?
  • Optional Certificate of Completion
  • How To Get A Certificate Of Completion

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