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Interact Support Practitioners are Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners with additional training in the unique services developed by Interact Support.

We welcome applications to become Interact Support Practitioners from Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners from around the country.

About Interact Support

Interact Support Incorporated is a not-for-profit delivering services designed to reduce family conflict and prevent family violence.

Our services are designed to help people decide their choice of action when their family is experiencing conflict and to provide support and access to good quality advice as they develop and implement their goal plans.

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Our values include collaboration and innovation. Our approach in contracting rather than employing Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners in aligned with our values.

One of the issues that clients tell us they have in accessing family dispute resolution services is the long waiting lists and bureaucratic processes experienced with publicly funded Family Dispute Resolution Services.

We overcome the problem of waiting lists by contracting with Family Dispute Resolution practitioners for the use of their spare capacity. Our ISP’s are contractors who have their own business and may also work with other community service organizations. Our approach means that we can have a large number of qualified professionals available to deliver services without the constraints that a traditional bricks and mortar office would have. The contractor works from their office or home (providing they have a suitable space for client video meetings) and supplies their own phone, computer, internet etc.

Interact Support provides the back end support for taking client payments, developing programs and materials and providing training and support to Interact Support Practitioners.


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