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Family Disput Resolution Pracitioner Referral Panel

F2F, Phone and Web Meetings

Our standard services are delivered remotely however you may provide services through your own business face to face when you assess it as being appropriate. 

Phone and Web services mean no travel expenses or risks. It also means that you can provide services to people in a wider range of areas. 

Family Dispute Resolution

Legal Tech

Interact Support makes use of the following legal technology FamilyProperty and MODRON to facilitate communication and improve client services. Practitioners working as contractors with Interact Support must be willing to learn how to use legal tech in their service delivery.  Referral only practitioners may be able to use more traditional approaches as long as you are fully compliant with your professional obligations. 

help clients to ChanGe the picture

Whether it is Family Dispute Resolution or other forms of dispute resolution. The goal of Interact Support is to provide an intervention which will change the story for people who are expereincing a dispute with each other. 

Interact Support Referral Panel

We welcome expressions of interest from professionals to be part of our panel.  

About Interact Support 

Interact Support Incorporated is a not-for-profit delivering services designed to reduce family conflict and prevent family violence.

Our services are designed to help people decide their choice of action when their family is experiencing conflict and to provide support and access to good quality advice as they develop and implement their goal plans.

Find out more about Interact Support – About Us. 

One of the issues that clients tell us they have in accessing family dispute resolution services is the long waiting lists and bureaucratic processes experienced with publicly funded Family Dispute Resolution Services.

Many don’t realize that there is an alternative in the form of independent accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners.

Our approach of referring to independent Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners means that people who don’t want to wait for publicly funded services can find the help they need quicker and more efficiently.

and Meeting Facilitation

Contact Us

To find out more about working with Interact Support. Find out if you are eligible to apply for our panel.

Evaluate the Application

If you have facilitated mediation and provided services to at least five client cases in the past 12 months you may be eligible for full panel membership.

Payment Depends

If you are co-mediating with an experienced mentor until you have co-mediated at least 5 mediations in the past 12 months you may be required to participate as an intern on our FDR Refresher Course.

Application Form

Confidential application process to indicate your qualifications, your registrations and your experience.


If you are inexperienced or have not been working as a mediator recently you will be asked to work as a co-mediator with another accredited mediator.

New Agreements

Our panel arrangement is for 12 months with an annual renewal to ensure that all our practitioners are current and experienced. If you take a break from providing mediation you may have to co-mediate till you are back up to speed with your professional role.

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If you are interested in finding out more get in touch with us today.


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