Interact Support because sometimes peace needs a helping hand

Having trouble with family conflict issues

Are you finding it hard to get the accurate information and practical help you need with family relationship issues?

We can help. Our programs are designed to help you to resolve your family disputes and conflict and to prevent family violence.

We can help you to sort it out one way or another.


Our ServicesNew Ways Training


We make use of technology when and how we can to keep costs low and make our services accessible.



Improving communication is central to everything we do. Our goal is to empower clients with knowledge and skills.

Problem Solvers

We work in collaboration with other services when and how we can to make sure clients can access the best and most cost effective services available.


We all need compassion, respect and support no matter what.  We work with family members to make sure that you have the support in place you need to be OK and to be OK as parents.

Our Vision for the future

Our Vision

Our Vision is that everyone in Australia has the skills and desire to relate with other people in a respectful way.

That they have the ability and desire to achieve their goals in life without causing harm to others, especially their family members.

We are working towards this goal by providing services to help people leave harmful relationships.

We are also working towards helping people to develop healthy interpersonal communication and emotional intelligence giving them the skills they need to develop healthy relationships.

Why the dove? Because sometimes peace needs a helping hand.

Our Story

Interact Support is a not-for-profit established by a group of Family Lawyers and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners in 2015 to help reduce family violence by overcoming gaps in the Family Law system.

Our mission is to reduce the harm caused by interpersonal conflict and violence. We support programs that help people to deal with family law issues and interpersonal conflict.

One of our high priorities is in helping to reduce the cost and harm associated with family law disputes. We are a secular, community based not-for-profit organization working on social enterprise principals delivering service excellence driven by our focus towards the needs of our clients.

We work with our clients, other professionals and service providers to design, develop and deliver services that meet the specific unmet needs of our client groups.

New programs are often being developed, trialed and implemented if they achieve good outcomes for clients.

We also actively invite professionals who have aligned services to contact us to discuss a collaboration if the services align with our mission of preventing, reducing and resolving family conflict and violence.

Our Values

Values are the things that a person or group believe are important. The values that Interact Support holds most dear are:

  • Respect – for people’s rights and wishes. We work with our clients to make sure they understand their rights and obligations under Family Law and also to understand their goals and ambitions for themselves and their families.
  • Effectiveness – we want our services to deliver what they promise and encourage and respond to feedback from clients.
  • Transparency and Confidentiality – many of our services are confidential with our clients controlling what information is released. Within that understanding that people have the right to determine what information they share we are very clear and upfront about our services, legal obligations regarding full disclosure in property matters and situations that may lead to us breaking confidentiality in order to protect people and property. What you say to us is safe unless you are not safe to others.
  • Collaboration – collaboration means different people working together to achieve a shared goal. Whenever we can we collaborate with other services and encourage our clients to establish shared goals and collaborate on achieving them.
  • Innovation – we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the quality of our services and to find new ways to assist our clients. While we use systems and processes to ensure that our services are effective we’re always looking for ways to improve and innovate.

Leadership Team

All leaders and Interact Support Practitioners are independently accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners.

Joanne Law

Joanne Law

Founder and CEO

Joanne is one of the founders of Interact Support. Establishing the not-for-profit is part of her mission to  reduce interpersonal conflict and prevent violence in the homes and workplaces of  Australia.

Joanne is a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Nationally Accredited Mediator with a background as a General Manger in training organisations and as a life, business and executive coach.

Her passion is to educate and empower people to create and live happy, fulfilling and peaceful lives.

Joanne is based in Melbourne but manages a team of Interact Support Practitioners nationally.

Listen to a personal message from Joanne Law

Paul Kenna

Paul Kenna

Founder, Director and Legal Advisor

Paul is a co-founder of Interact Support, director and our legal advisor.

He is an experienced Family Lawyer who was moved to create Interact after observing the issues for people attempting to navigate the Family Law minefield.

Paul provides leadership and program development services, supervision and legal advice for our organisation.

He is based in Melbourne and does face to face consultations from our Bentleigh East office as well as over the phone or web meeting.

Ken Speakman

Ken Speakman

Queensland Program Manager

Ken joined the Interact Support leadership Team in our second year of operation.

He is a mentor for other mediators and provides our local support for our Queensland operations.

Ken is a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Nationally Accredited Mediator.

Ken is based in Brisbane but works with clients nationally through Video Meeting and phone.

Interact Support Practitioners

All Interact Support Practitioners are independently accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners with additional training in services exclusively provided by Interact Support.

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