A personal note from Joanne Law

Hi I’ve recorded a welcome message to explain a little bit about my mission and why we set up Interact Support.

Joanne Law
Joanne is a director and program manager for Interact Support

My name is Joanne Law and I’m program manager for Interact Support. Leading Interact is a part of my personal mission to prevent, reduce and resolve conflict in Australian homes.

You’re probably thinking you and what army Joanne about now? Am I right? I agree it isn’t a mission that one personal alone can achieve but through Interact Support we’re establishing a peace corp a bit like the United Nations.

Interact Support brings together Family Law professionals under our silver flag to offer a bit of their time at lower than normal fees to help our clients. Working alongside this amazing team we are really starting to overcome the gaps in the family

support, Family Violence and Family Law legal systems in Australian.

Government Funding. Not right now.

You may or may not be aware that a lot of the family support services are provided by not-for-profits using government funding to subsidize their services. Interact Support doesn’t because we don’t want to set up non-sustainable services that are discontinued as soon as the government funding stops.

For that reason Interact Support is a social enterprise style not-for-profit. If you can afford to pay for services we ask that you do so or that you pay for you and your former partner if they are without much income.  We do have hardship provisions but they rely on the practitioner working for free so are strictly limited.

The cost of our services are reasonable and we have options that range from no cost information to low cost professional services and referrals. What we don’t do is promise you support and then take advantage of your vulnerability to charge you high fees that you only find out you’ve incurred when it is too late.

We put you in the drivers seat (as soon as you’re ready)

Our goal and mission is to empower our clients to be in the drivers seat on their journey through life. Most people who find us are lost somewhere in Separation and Divorce land. Usually they have no idea where they are, what their options are and how to get back to a normal life not dominated by family conflict and the threat or actuality of family court.

Some have experienced so much trauma that they shouldn’t be driving right now and we have a Divorce Coaching program to help provide the emotional and practical support you need as you make your way towards the nearest exist that will give you an acceptable outcome.

For most people the starting point of their work with Interact Support is a Separation or Divorce Consultation. In the session we help you get clear about your options, your destination and which road to take.

We have a number of other programs and referrals to specialist services that have services and programs available. We are also expanding our range of programs so if you can’t find the help or information you need don’t be shy. Reach out to see if we can help.

There is an old saying “It’s always darkest before the dawn.” we hope that finding Interact Support will bring a new sunrise for you and help you to see your way clear of the conflict you’re experiencing right now.

Thanks for listening or reading.  I hope to meet you soon.

Warm regards,

Joanne Law


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